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Discover the worlds of the Jewel, the star system featured in Huntress of the Star Empire. Join Athena's Private Readers' Group and escape into the "space opera with sizzle" with a high-resolution set of printable tour postcards featuring original artwork by artist Eve Bolt!

About the author

Athena Grayson

If you love to binge-watch TV series with exciting sci-fi or dystopian settings, give the first episode of Huntress of the Star Empire a try! I wrote the series in the spirit of the action-packed TV shows I love to watch--fast-paced, a little sexy, and full of futuristic fun. I love writing about strong heroines and smart, sexy heroes who know when to fight and when to think. If you like fast-paced action, satisfying romantic tension, and breathtaking sci-fi worlds, start reading now!